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Wine and Cheese Pairing with Cargill Dairy Innovation

Updated: Jul 15

Thank you for following the QR trail!! Here is a recap of the pairings today with links to the Cheese Makers:

  1. Wandering Cellars Brut Rose' with #222 Parmigiano Reggiano

  2. Wandering Cellars 2021 Old Vine Chenin Blanc with Alemar Apricity

  3. Wandering Cellars 2021 Napa Chardonnay with Alemar's Bent River Camembert Style and Hoards Sark Butterkase

  4. Wandering Cellars 2022 Debut and Wandering Cellars 2022 Righteous with

    1. Cheese 1: Redhead Creamery Barbarian  American Original

    2. Cheese 2: Snowdonia Black Bomber  Welsh Cheddar

    3. Cheese 3: Cave of Faribault St. Pete’s Select  Blue

    4. Cheese 4: Deer Creek Blue Jay  Juniper Blue

    5. Cheese 5: Alemar Creamery Filamaloo  Miso Washed Blue

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