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Oktoberfest at 22 Northmen!!

This is a beautiful fall weekend! Let's kick it off with beer and cheese pairing. So glad you followed the QR trail here!

If you are looking for a similar but completely different beer and cheese event, we are doing one at Lupulin in Big Lake on October 28th. Tickets here!

Pairings of today and where to get the cheese:

  1. Kolsch with Alemar's Friars Lantern. Friars lantern is only available at France 44 and Surdyks in the Twin Cities. But, the base of this cheese is Apricity from Alemar which you can buy online

  2. Norse Lager with Alemar's Bent River

  3. Pilsner with Burnette's Herbs De Provence Cheddar Gruyere.

  4. Oktoberfest with Roelli Red Rock. Not available online from the site, but here is the where to find this cheese link: Roelli The best way is to ask your Cheesemonger if they can get it in.

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