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Cider and Cheese Pairing at Number 12 Cider June 16th

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Welcome to our very first Cider and Cheese Pairing at Number 12 Cider!! Apples and cheese are a natural pair, so it is not a huge leap to pair cider and cheese! I grew up in Wisconsin. In the fall, my family would always make a road trip to Connells Apple Orchard. We would ride the school busses out into the orchard to pick our apples. They also would have fresh pressed cider available to enjoy and take home as well. Then our next stop was Cady Cheese, for our fresh cheese curds and Colby. Made daily and still warm. We would sometimes head to a park to enjoy, but more than likely eat out of the back of the van (that is a story for another time, the van!!). A bite of apple, a cheese curd....lather rinse repeat. Sweet and salt, no brainer!! While I still prefer whipped cream on my apple pie, occasionally Connell's would have a pie social, and the slices were served with a slice of cheddar on top. Connell orchard is no longer in operation, but the legacy lives on in my memory and the apple that is their namesake, Connell Red. As a reward for those who have read to this point, here is THE BEST apple crisp recipe, EVER!! Margie Connell's Apple Crisp. And, now, onto the pairings and links to where to purchase:

  1. Union with Little Lucy from Redhead Creamery

  2. BONUS BRIDGE CHEESE Wood River Original

  3. Voyage with Apricity from Alemar

  4. Barrel 44 with Lucky Linda from Redhead

  5. Honey Berry with Northfork from Redhead

  6. SS Heritage with Deer Creek 36 month cheddar

AND here is the link to Redheads Curd Fest info!! Mike and I will be there serving up samples....inside, yayyyyy!!

Regarding our special appearance by Greta the Grotto and Waldo Piatto the roaming Grotto, here is a link to Jessica's Cheese Grotto website. Give yourself some time to peruse, that is a ton of GREAT information here!!

Margie Connell
Download PDF • 47KB

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