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Celebrating National Cheese Lover's Day on Good Day!!

Updated: Jun 17

Thank you for following the QR trail! Glad to have you here! My first appearance on Good Day! In my previous appearances on TV, i have seen the fruits on my labor and the accomplishment of our Mission: to promote makers we believe in both their mission and product.

Below is the information on the cheeses I presented. Some may not have made it into the segment (I tend to think I can do more than I actually can!!), but I wanted to give you all of the information on them regardless.


Let's go by producer:


Alemar Cheese Company*

Alemar is an urban creamery, located in The Food Building in Minneapolis. The Alemar Cheese story begins with founder Keith Adams, a native of Davis, California.

Using gently pasteurized milk from grass-fed cows at a farm 40 miles away, Keith in 2008 launched Alemar (named for his daughters Alexandra and Mariel) and its sole product, the Camembert-inspired Bent River. In 2021 Keith and Kieran Folliard (Food Building founder) brought on Head Cheesemaker Charlotte Serino.

Charlotte is quite simply upping Alemar’s game. She graduated from UW-Madison in Wisconsin, went on to study food science and she has extensive experience making and selling artisan cheese. She’s mongered at a local favorite gourmet grocery store (Lund’s and Byerly’s) and a Multi-National (Whole Foods Market). Charlotte also has farmstead experience making many varieties of Goat’s milk cheeses prior to joining the Alemar Team. Her precision and thoughtfulness brings new light to Alemar’s production.

Charlotte was a suspect in our cheesy murder mystery events we have had at Ambi Wine Bar!

From Alemar we have a two beauties only available online in their Valentines box! Only available online, this box dubbed "Love Bites" contains two of the currently unavailable in stores cheeses: Fillamaloo and Heart Beet.

  • Fillamaloo is named after the bird by the same name, aka the Goofus bird. It is a miso washed blue cheese. The bird....ooohh the bird. It is a mythical creature that flies backwards as it does not care where it's going, only where it's been, and it builds its nest upside down. It is described as having a conspicuous appearance, with a turkey-like head, long green neck, with silver scales, a black right wing and a pink left wing.

  • And Heart Beet, an adorable heart shaped lactic set cheese in the style of Apricity that has been gently colored with fermented beet powder. Simply the tastiest and cutest thing ever!


AND BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND....well, really just 'cause I like the cheese :)

Marieke Gouda We can't say enough good things about this producer, their mission and the product. It all is simply glorious! Please read the link , you will be in love too. Marieke's facility in Thorp Wisconsin is a fantastic weekend destination! It is a Farmstead Creamery which means they have the farm with the cows on the same site as the creamery. The Creamery has viewing windows so you can watch the cheese being made and the aging rooms. Cafe' Dutchess is located within and serves up some lovely ice cream, grilled cheese sandwiches and other cheese-centric delights! Marieke Gouda is one of our top domestic and international award winners in the US, she is a force to be reckoned with!! Marieke is a licensed Cheesemaker, she is projected to become a Master Cheesemaker in 2025

  • Marieke Reserve Gouda aged 1000 days plus!! one of the newest releases. This is a one of a kind! Their Reserve is perfectly aged to have the traditional crystals of an aged gouda but also maintain the rich and creamy texture of a younger gouda.


Sartori*.....oh, what a story we have with Sartori!

Handcrafted since 1939, they are currently on the 5th generation of Sartori families dedicated to the craft. Forty licensed cheesemakers are employed at Sartori, including one of the few female Licensed Master Cheesemakers in the state, Pam Hodgson!!

The Crest tells the story.

From the website:

The Ship: "The Finlandia was the steamer that carried our founder, Paolo Sartori, to America. Later, he would achieve his own American Dream when he founded Sartori in 1939."

The Cows: "The cows are an acknowledgement of our farm-to-fork ethos and the special relationships we have with our family farmers, many of whom have supplied us milk for several generations."

The State: "The state of Wisconsin symbolizes our home, and the source of the finest cheese anywhere; it’s the place that shaped our family and our company."

The Crown: "Our crest is topped by a crown. The four stars represent the four generations of the Sartori family dedicated to making the best cheese in the world, starting with Paolo Sartori in 1939. We look forward to adding a 5th star soon."

Sartori SarVecchio: Just follow this link for all the nummnumms!!

If you have a moment for a really awesome story of Sartori, listen to "The Great Parmesan Cheese Debate", an episode of the Decoder Ring podcast.....SUPER INTERESTING!!!!!


And last but not least, some really awesome Cheddar and cheddar/blue cheeses that goes great with beer!

  • Roelli Dunbarton Blue* Chris Roelli is a fourth generation cheesemaker from Roelli Cheese Haus located just East of Shullsburg in the Southwest corner of Wisconsin. His Great Grandfather emigrated from Switzerland and began making cheese in the early 1920’s, thereafter his Grandfather Walter and his father Dave continued in the tradition. After the closing of their commodity cheddar factory in 1991, Chris reopened the small artisan factory in 2006. Chris is a Master Cheesemaker, it takes about 10 years of work and education to reach that status in Wisconsin. Dunbarton Blue is a hand crafted, cellar cured cheese with the earthy character of a fine English-style cheddar, coupled with the subtle hint of blue flavor.  Open air curing creates a natural, edible rind.


And, if you read to the end of this post, you will be graced with a bit of knowledge that is NOT commonly held among folks:

Wisconsin is the only place outside of Switzerland that REQUIRES a license to make cheese.


Star (*) indicates that information was taken from the website

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